Monday, October 13, 2014

Fun in Albuquerque!

 Last Thursday morning, my eldest daughter, her two sons and I went flying off to Albuquerque to witness the Balloon Festival!

This was quite an undertaking because Timmy has Down's Syndrome and Ben has PANDAS, and each has their own issues.  But all went amazingly well, especially since we had a delay in boarding from San Francisco.  We had brought all kinds of stuff to keep them busy, including dvd players for each.

The flight went fine, we landed, picked up our rented car and found our motel.  Then, I decided since we were all tired I would order delivered pizza....that is when I found out my credit card was denied!  It seems that some fraud was happening on our card but Capital One caught it and in the process shut down the card.  Good thing Cathy had a working card!  Anyhow, I did have some cash, thank heavens.  It made me feel very vulnerable though!

It was pretty gray Thursday and we decided to rest and go swimming and do the Festival on Friday evening for the Balloon "Special Shapes Rodeo".  Those were the balloons the kids were really looking forward to.

 We really enjoyed Albuquerque's public art.  This is a panel of a wall they were putting up across the street from our motel.

Friday's adventures tomorrow!

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