Sunday, October 26, 2014

Weeper Cuffs

 Last night was the last evening candlelight tour covering "Victorian Funeral Practices".  We had lots of fun doing it and our guests expressed how much they learned and enjoyed it.  A lot of them had come on the tour,  in lieu of, the "haunted train" ride that had sold out on the first night, and then returned to do the tour again on the 2nd night.

I had tried to find pictures of "Weeper Cuffs" which I had come across mention of in my research.  Not a photo on the internet could I find.  I did come across a description:  9" white muslin that wrapped around the sleeves and were joined by 2 buttons with loops.

I did want to make up a pair to show that part of the early mourning period.  So I just came up with my own version from the description.

I cut out the basic shape, 2 for each Weeper Cuff.

I stiched ttogether the two sides for each cuff, leaving a couple inches unstitched to turn them inside out..
The cuffs are ironed after turning and the loops and buttons locations are determined.

Loops and buttons are added

So this is what I ended up with!

Note:  Look at how lighting affects the mood...

It was just the difference between the flash on or off on my camera!  It actually was pretty dim lighting, but that must have been the normal for those years with all those gas lamps.

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