Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Victorian Funeral Practices - Just in time for Halloween!

The Patterson House at Ardenwood  in Fremont, CA will be putting on Candlelight Tours Friday and Saturday, October 24 and 25th.  These tours will start at 7pm and will be flow-through tours which means you go through the house at your own pace.

As you arrive at Ardenwood you will see the pumpkin patch field is very busy at this time of the year!  Watch out for kids in the parking lot!  Also, the Haunted Train will be operating too  so come early.  The Haunted Train is appropriate for little kids, I am told.  The Pumpkin Patch has cutout figures for taking pictures and a pyramid of hay that the kids love climbing!

The Candlelight Tours will feature the 1895 funeral of George Patterson as a backdrop for exploring the many aspects of the Victorian funeral practices of the time.  This will not be a "haunted house", no spooks jumping out, but it will be very interesting I guarantee you! It may be kind of creepy for some children with a funeral scene though, but flow-through tours allow you to go as fast or slow as your group's needs.

Just bring your Victorian etiquette and you will be fine!  If you would like to dress up for the times, feel free also.  We sometimes have those that really get into it!

I will be wearing my new Mourning Dress that I showed back in August as I was making it.  I will be in 2nd mourning, looking forward to 1/2 mourning.

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