Saturday, October 18, 2014


I finally am over this head cold I came down with Monday.  It was kind of weird to be hearing all the Ebola news while feeling sick.  Well, I am now over it execpt the energy level isn't up to snuff.

I did give "Behind the Scene" tours at Ardenwood last evening.  I took a good nap in the afternoon and felt fine after the tours.  It was quite exciting,  we have the famous John Koch (pronounced Coke) portrait on display.  This is the painting that was found in the attic.  We took it to Antiques Roadshow and had it appraised at 45,000-50,000.  Unfortunately, we had researched so much on it that they didn't want to film it.  They like to be the experts, I guess.  Anyhow Mindy and Eileen got on the last part of the program where they have people say a little something about their experience at the Roadshow.

Today is HONEY HARVEST!!  Lets see what the girls have been doing for us.  Ours have been busy little bees despite the drought.

Tonight I will be doing "Behind the Scene" tours again.  We have some of the preparations for next week's "Victorian Funeral Practices" out already, though we don't really talk about them till next week.  I will be debuting my new mourning dress and mourning pin then.  I have the veil attached to my antique Victorian hat.    Everything is ready to go except I have a hole in my black gloves to mend.

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