Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Balloon Festival - Saturday and BEN UPDATE

We were kind of nervous about getting to see any balloons after Friday nights rain out.  But, full of hope we were all up and into the car by 5:30 am.  100,000 go to this thing so you have to start early to get a parking space.

As we got near we saw in the darkness, balloons all lit up as they were filled with hot air!  These were the early ones that go up to check the winds up in the air for the rest of them.

We went into the balloon park, using our rain tickets from the night before.  And soooo exciting!  There were balloon all over in different stages of being blown up.

We all said the flag salute as the US flag went up into the sky!

And!!!!  The weather flag is GREEN which = GO!  Unlike the red flag the night before.

As the balloons rose we got a little photo happy!  I won't show you all of them, but.....

The kids were really enjoying all of the balloons!

Ben did so well at the balloon festival.  There was some zoning and pacing at the motel though.

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