Wednesday, July 13, 2016

France Trip Day 11 -6/26 - D-Day Museum

 We had a buffet breakfast in a 1500s Drawing Room decorated in 1700s style with ivory and browns under large chandeliers.  We left our hotel in Bayeux for Omaha Beach.  We came across a D-Day Museum. Cathy and I checked it out.  I was looking for a half-track in particular since that was what her father-in-law rode around in.  Unfortunately they didn't have an example of that.

This shoots 88 m. 
This is one of the things that was used by the Germans to stop an invading force.  They knew they were going to have to face an invasion eventually.  They had all kinds of junk, including ones with mines attached, on the beaches to stop anything coming in.

Inside the museum is a landing craft.

And stuff that ended in the water.

A German Gun

A Sherman Tank

Some of the exhibits in the museum:

A French Newspaper

The museum has a very good documentary film on what happened from before to sometime after the invasion.  Well worth watching.  We bought some gifts in the gift shop the headed for Omaha Beach.

To be continued!

Our Itinerary from home
June 26 ~ Sunday ~ Day 11
~ Omaha Beach ~ Rouen (De Bourgtheroulde Hotel)

Morning: Relax, it looks like they have breakfast buffet at hotel in Bayeau, STORES CLOSED, walk town

12:30 Arrive at Omaha Beach Map 11.1, 11.2

Lunch - picnic, American Cemetery
2:00 leave for Hotel de Bourgtheroulde (2 hours) Map 11.3, 11.4, 11.5 See Parking information on maps.

4:00 arrive at Hotel de Bourgtheroulde,

Reservations Hotel de Bourgtheroulde <>
Jan 5 at 12:13 AM

DINNER: Food choices in Rouen


Vegetarian Friendly!
15 rue Thomas Corneille
American Style Restaurant- Burgers, Chicken, Mexican Quinoa dish too.  Bring CASH

Le Radjasthan - Indian
17 Rue De la pie Open on Sunday
Easy menu for vegetarian

So Falafel ,
62 Rue Louis Ricard
11:30AM–2:30PM, 7–10:30PM Closed on Sunday

Cosy Lunch - games 
8, place de la Calende 
Closed Tuesday

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