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France Trip Day 14, 6/29 and 15, 6/30 - Paris and goodby!

Well, we made it to our Hotel Mistral ok, even though we had to circle around several times to figure out just where it was.
This morning we went off to find the opening for the Catacombs of Paris.  This was rather a strange place to explore when in Paris, but I'm up for most things.

To get up ready for the Catacombs we wandered through the Montparnasse Cemetery on the way.
A lot of famous authors, doctors, pioneers in aviation and others are buried here.

This is the opening of the Catacombs. . . . during closing hours.
 We arrived before they opened and there was a line around the block, which was on the edge of a little park.  The park made it nice to stand near with nice shade trees.  We were in line for about an hour before reaching the door.

Once in you are faced with stairs going down, more stairs going down and more and more stairs...going down.  For some reason I didn't expect it to be so far down.  Finally we reached the bottom and faced a damp hallway.  The hall wandered quite a ways before we came to an area that started having shelves of bones, mostly leg and arm bones and skulls arranged in neat rows and designs.  We were wondering where all the ribs, finger, hip bones were.  We think they are behind all the skulls and long bones.

Anyhow, Paris was running out of room in cemeteries and they came up with the idea of taking out the old skeletons and stacking them in the catacombs that had already been created by mining many years before.  They are nice and neat and a headstones tell the cemetery they came from and when.

The catacombs go for quite a ways and it does have some damp spots and a little muddy. It is cool but wasn't cold when we were there.

And, of course, all those stairs down, now turn into stairs going up.   It was memorable.

By the time we left there we decided we needed something to eat and then go back to the hotel for a rest.

That afternoon we took off for the Eiffel Tower and the cruise we had reserved.  We took the Metro which was very easy to figure out and were on our way.

When Mr. Eiffel started building his tower for the World Faire, there were plenty of hecklers that thought it was a stupid idea.  He certainly proved him wrong.  It is not only still a draw for tourists to visit Paris but it is very beautiful.  The Victorian is so lacy and lovely we took lots of pictures.  Since the World Soccer Championships were being held in Paris they had a huge soccer ball suspended within the tower.

The design is so beautiful!

Mr Eiffel also added the names of the sponsors on the towers.

 Can you see the soccer ball in the tower?

And we catch our cruise boat....
we saw lots of historic buildings on the cruise.  This was great because we have to leave France early tomorrow morning so we would not have a chance to see much of Paris otherwise.

I love these unexpected places of humor!

I know this doesn't look like much but if you look closely there are thousands of locks (love locks) that have been locked on the bridge railings.  

We had a meal on the street and people watched before heading back to the hotel to pack.  Tomorrow morning we are off to the airport to fly home!

Good-by Paris!!

Our Itinerary from home:

June 29 ~ Wednesday ~ Day 14 
See Optional Maps and Routes Maps 14........

After Breakfast: Take a stroll through the Montparnesse Cemetary Map 14.1

Mid Morn walkover to Catacombs (10min) map 14.2

Noonish: Head towards the Eiffel Tower 
Have lunch at La Verriere 
24 Avenue de Tourville  

or Try -
Kozy Salon Urban 
79 Avenue Bosquet

1:30ish; walk around the Eiffel Tower,
get selfies in and look for the cruise place 

3:00ish take a sight seeing water cuise.  

We don't want to expect a cruise during these hours since we have a ticket for scenic only. Lunch Cruises Departure at 12:45pm - Return to dock at 2:45pm Dinner Cruises Departure at 6:15pm - Return to dock at 7:45pm Departure at 8:30pm - Return to dock at 11pm  Departure at 9pm - Return to dock at 10:30pm 

5:00ish As we start heading back to the hotel, find a place for dinner.

Dinner Options:
Tashi Delek closer to Luxingburg Park  - Asian Veg Friendly, 4 Rue des Foss├ęs Saint-Jacques T&W 12-12:30 7-11pm
Aquarius Vegetarian restaurant 10 min walk from our hotel 40 Rue de Gergovie Tues & Wed 12-2:15 7:00-10:30
Indiana Club   9 min walk from Hotel 77 avenue Maine, huge wonderful vegetarian section - enchilada, quinoa salad, taco's, quinoa burger, nacho's, quesadilla - Also sell Burgers & Trad. American food. 
La Campagnola 2 min walk from Hotel 
122 avenue du Maine 
 12-2:30 7-11 
La Forchetta  3 min walk 
85 rue Daguerre  Italian 12-2:30 7-11 

7:00ish Head back to hotel.

9:00ish finish packing and just relax before going to bed


June 30 Thur~ Day 15 - Flying Home

4:30 wake up and prep to leave

5:30 Leave for the airport to return the car (45 min with no traffic)
Maps 15.1, 15.2, 15.3, 15.4

6:30 drop off car

7:00 head towards checking in

  * Air France REQUIRES check in before __9:40__ am.

Booked June 30 Air France Depart CDG Terminal 2E Flt

AF083        10:40 AM   Paris time
June 30 Arrive SF 1:00 PM SFO time
11 hours 20 minute 

8:00ish relax and have breakfast. Organize carry ons.
9:30 be in boarding area and board when possible
10:40 Flight takes off for HOME!

1:00 pm (11hours 20min later) Arrive in SF, USA

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