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France Trip - Day 2 6/17 Paris to Chartres

We flew Air France Air Bus 380.  It is the largest passenger plane currently.  It is huge.  There are 2 floors in it.  We were in Premium Economy on the second floor with the Business class and a few economy behind us.

We were in Premium Economy Seats 83 A, B and C on Flight AF0038 out of San Francisco.  The Premium Economy Seat is a wider seat and reclines more than economy and has more leg room.  Both daughters have back problems so a comfortable seat was important to them. Business and First Class are better but the Premium Economy was much better than the Economy seats.

We landed followed the signs to car rentals, had to take a tram to their site.  The tram was crowded but we managed.  We were to have a Volkswagen Golf and were worried about getting all the luggage in but we were upgraded so we didn't have that problem.

The only problem we had with our flight was that cold air was blowing on the seats in the center area in our section. After a while extra blankets were passed out.

Once we arrived in Paris we had to take a tram from the airport to the car rental area. The tram was really crowded but efficient too.  We were concerned about having enough room in the car trunk for all our luggage.  We didn't want the luggage to show when we were parked in some of the sites we would be visiting.  No problem - they had upgraded us to a larger car.  We went over all the scrapes and bumps on the car with the Avis agent and had her show us all the details of how the car worked, shifting, windshield wipers, etc. We had a little cheat sheet on driving facts in France so we went over that.  Jen decided she wanted to drive first so we took a few minutes in the parking lot to get a feel of the car before getting on the road.  Then we were OFF!

The World Soccer Championships were being held in Paris and since it was a "no game" day everyone was on the freeways crashing.  A one and a half hour trip to Chartres took almost 4 hours to drive.  We were very fortunate to have Jen's husband Robert put France maps on their GPS which we brought with us.  The GPS was so helpful!  We were re-routed a lot because the GPS detected where the freeway was having problems.

We arrived at our destination, "Hotel Maison Ailleurs",  a building that dates back to the 1300s.  It has quite a history.  One of the little buildings on each side of the gate was used as a stable and the other was servants quarters.

Our drive into the courtyard was a bit hairy.  The streets and courtyards were meant for skinny horses, not cars!  We left our mark on Chartres and Chartres left a bit of its mark on the car.
One side of the courtyard where we got a little close.

Inside, the hall shows some of the original timbers dating back to the 1300s.
The beautiful gardens outside our window.
 Jet lag was really setting in so we all took a nap before dinner.

 This was staged, Jen actually had a big pull-out bed!  She did enjoy showing how she fell asleep!

Naps had by all and we head out to our dinner reservations at La Picoterie! 
Great food and wonderful staff!

(To be continued)

Our itinerary from home:

June 17 ~Friday - Day 2 ~ Chartres

11:35am ~ Arrive Paris CDG (terminal 2E)
12 hour flight

12:30pm ~ Avis Car Rental
Volkswagen Golf DSG
Located in Terminal 2E
******* make sure car has outlet for gps.

1:00ish ~ Leave for Chartres (aprox time 1hr 30min) map 2a, 2b
Collect ticket as you enter toll road and then pay at the toll booth further on. Make sure you have your ticket ready and change.
(type in 17 Rue Muret, Chartres, France into gps for hotel, or Le Brigandville Restaurant, 1 Rue Eglise, 78730 Rochefort en Yvelines)

Possible Restaurant we could go to that is 1:15 from airport and on route to Chartes.  Le Brigandville 1 Rue Eglise, 78730 Rochefort en Yvelines Something for all of us - including Seitan Burger 10:00 am - 7:00 pm  accepts credit cards  - casual! has Parking lot area. Map 2c Call ahead +33130414831

There are tolls roads but they should be easily marked.

Leave for Chartres – Map 2d
As we enter into Chartres, keep our eyes open to one way streets. Roads are very narrow and usually only one direction.

Coming by car you should know that parking in the neighborhood is tricky.Consequently, our courtyard is open during check in time for an easy parking. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this free private parking.

*In case you plan to arrive before 4 or after 7 could you please tell us in advance.
+ 33 (0)6 09 47 75 48
 We will do our best to make ourselves available to welcome you outside of opening hours.
2:30ish ~ Arrive at Hotel Maison Ailleurs Map 2e

Maison d'hôtes
17 rue Muret - 28000 Chartres
tel : + 33 (0)6 09 47 75 48
(The House Elsewhere)
Check in: 17th of June, 2016 (between 4 PM and 7 PM)
Check out:18th of June, 2016 (at the latest by 11 AM)

~3 persons (Room "Charles V", 199€/night breakfasts and local taxes included, one double bed in the bedroom and one double sofa bed in the living room

~Breakfast is served to the bedroom. 

3:30-7:30 ~ Nap

8:00 ~ Dinner at La Picoterie   map 2f
Reservations 8:30pm Under Jennette 
RE :votre reservation
Sylvie Brouard (

Friday, April 8, 2016 1:42 AM

bonjour nous vous confirmons votre réservation pour le 17 juin a 20.30 pour trois personnes cordialement la picoterie
----- message d'origine -----

De : "La Picoterie" <>
date ven. 08/04/2016 01:45 (GMT +02:00)
À : "" <>
Objet : Nouveau message sur La Picoterie


Vous avez reçu un message en provenance du formulaire de contact de votre site.

Nom : Jennette Chicoine
Sujet : Réservations
Email :

Message : 
J\'espère que ce ne soit pas trop tôt pour faire des réservations pour 3 Personnes 17 Juin à 20h30 Au plaisir de manger dans votre restaurant fabuleux :)

La Picoterie, 36 rue des Changes 28000 Chartres

(On the corner of Money Street and Milk Street)
Tel: 02 37 36 14 54

9:00ish ~ After dinner walk of Chartres (suppose to be really neat at night) the cathedral has a beautiful light show outside.
10:30ish ~ get back to hotel and sleep.
Remember we need to get our sleep on track.

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