Tuesday, July 5, 2016

France Trip Day 5 - Chateau des Arpentis

We had our lunch in the car at Chambord's parking lot since it had decided to sprinkle.

The we left with the intention of checking out Chateau Chaumont.  The French countryside is so lovely.  Unfortunately we could not actually see Chaumont from the car so we headed back to Amboise and our new home at Chateau des Arpentis.  On the way we did have a little problem of getting a bit stuck in the mud while making a u-turn.  The French drivers were patient.

Chateau des Arpentis
We are in the Orangery, a beautiful cave built into the side of a cliff, separate from the Chateau itself.
 The road to Chateau des Arpentis

The end of the Chateau
The Chateau des Arpentis - the formal front
We are in the Orangery which is separate from the chateau and completely built into the cliff.  This is very common in the area since the stone in the cliffs are a sandstone that is used also for the blocks of the castles.  It is soft until the air hits it and then it becomes hard and strong.

The front patio
The Kitchen Patio
The Kitchen
The Dining Area
The girls slept in this room - it is ready for the 3 bears!

This is in the front of their room, looking toward the kitchen.
 This is the room I slept in.  The window behind the bed which looks into the bathing area!

This is the front of my room with a lovely view that includes the pasture and the two resident horses!

This was at the ends of the gates so no one could crawl around the gate.  It is very pretty but could really do some damage!

There were ancient walls and buildings on our walk near the chateau.

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