Sunday, July 3, 2016

France Trip Day 3 - Sam and Dinner at "La Pause du Temps" in Amboise

This is Sam.  Sam is our friend.  He loves us.  He watches us. He protects us.....because we have food.

Our "Pavillion Luca" dining room is where the sunroom window is.  Dining Room = food = Sam.

Sam drinks from the fountain..

Good Old Sam
We went to dinner at "La Pause du Temps" in Amboise.  The food was so good, the best restaurant we went to!  I had Lobster Soupe, Roasted Pork with Veggies and for desert, Strawberry and Kiwi puree on Strawberry Sorbet.  STUFFED!!!!

Went to bed for much needed sleep!

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