Sunday, July 17, 2016

France Trip Day 13 - 6/28 - Monet's Garden, Givervy

 This morning we head off for Monet's Garden where he lived and painted.  I'm looking forward to seeing it again!  I love the pond and the water lilies and the green boat and the bridge, as well as, all the flowers.

We did have to wait in line for about 30 minutes to get our tickets.

As we parked our car I thought it was awfully nice to see the USA flag flying.

So after getting lots of ideas of plants to get for our gardens we left Giverney.

As we left I had to take pictures of the fields even if it was through the window glass.  They reminded me of Monet's paintings of the haystacks!
Now, on to Paris.....this is going to be stressful!

Our Itinerary from home:

Tuesday June 28 Day 13 ~  Monet, Paris
Breakfast at the hotel.

 10:00ish Leave for Monet's gardens (1 hour)  map 13.1

11:00 Arrive at Monet's Gardens
    Admission tickets rates: 
    • Adults and seniors: 8.00 euros
    • Monet garden $12 each

  • Group Admission by appointment only
    • Write to : Fondation Claude Monet
      Rue Claude Monet
      27620 Giverny France
    • or fax : +33 (0) 232 51 91 32
LUNCH- picnic
1:00 Leave for Paris  Take a breath. Enjoy, we are almost leaving.
(1 hour in low traffic) it's ok we will get there ! Map 13.2

2:00 Arrive in Paris Hotel Mistral  Map 13.3

Pick up tickets for the sightseeing cruise at the front desk.  

If we aren't tired we could go to the Luxembourg Gardens About 11 min away via Metro Denfert-Rochereau RER BGare du Nord 4 min (2 stops) to Luxembourg Gardens
DINNER - Tashi Delek close to Luxingburg Park  - Asian Veg Friendly, 4 Rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques T&W 12-12:30 7-11pm
Evening: Do deep packing, tomorrow will be a busy day with not much time to do this.

Nightish: If we finish packing and feel like going out on the town we can take a taxi and head to the Eiffel Tower at night time and take a taxi back to the hotel but remember the next day will be a full one. Sunset is at 10pm
Hotel Mistral 24 Rue Cels, 75014 Paris, France

Hotel is close to the Catacombs.

24, rue Cels 75014 Paris Tel: 01-43-20-25-43

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