Wednesday, July 13, 2016

France Trip - Day 11 Omaha Beach

After the museum we headed off to Omaha Beach.  The museum was a good way to prepare for imagining what the soldiers went through to liberate France.

This exhibit explains the symbolism of the sculpture "Les Braves".

Looking to the north of the Omaha beach.
South of Omaha Beach (in the background) the cliffs are much closer to the water and high and straight up
The cliffs at Omaha Beach was planted with German bunkers with big guns ready for any invasion.

Another monument to the fallen.

Today flags fly of all the countries that came to liberate France on June 6, 1944

We went up on the cliff and checked out a German bunker that has been closed off.
The French cows still enjoy the countryside on the cliffs, the wild roses still grow and the ocean scenery is still beautiful.

Under the ground though is still evidence of Hitler's evil work.  This is one of the bunkers were big guns were trained on the ocean.  The walls were 10' thick.

To be continued:  The American Cemetary

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