Sunday, July 3, 2016

France Trip - Day 4 Chateau de Nazelles - Swimming and Packing

Cathy and Jen have gone swimming twice today - in ice cold water!   I was brave enough to put my feet in, Cathy eventually did get completely in and Jen, being the bravest, set a fine example and spent most of the time in ice cold water!!!

At the pool we met the real reason our 5 day reservation was reduced to 2.  An extended family that has been visiting for 7 years made reservations long after we did and they bumped 3 of our days for them......but as you will see, it turned out to be great for us because those 3 day were at the GREATEST and most beautiful place of all!!!   Chateau d' Arpentis!

The mesquitos have been a pain here but not too aggressive like in South Dakota!  We don't seem to have any bites yet.

The toilet is REALLY having a problem!  The jasmine can't even help it!  Still works fine but stinks like the sewer is over flowing.

We are packing tonight for our move tomorrow to Chateau d' Arpentis which is on the other side of the Loire river in Amboise.  We want to drop off our luggage there before going to see Chateau de Chambord.

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