Saturday, July 16, 2016

France Trip Day 12 - Rouen Cathedral (inside), Rouen sights

We returned to the Rouen Cathedral in the afternoon to visit the inside.  I really was impressed.

I know this photo is blurry but I was trying to show the crack in the vault.  After reading "The Pillars of the Earth" the cracks have new importance.

There was a lot to this church, both in architecture and history.  There are dozens of statues, man-sized, around the inside.  These have been saved from all the incidents that have happened.  Currently the steeple is being replaced.  The metal has so much damage from the oxidation that it was imparative  that the work be done now.  It is amazing how high and the type of work that is being done.

Other various sights in Rouen:
We kept coming across towers or pieces of old buildings that are just sitting by themselves, some under restoration, some just fenced off maybe for later restoration.

One interesting thing we saw quite often in the stone blocks in Rouen were these bubbles of obsidian (a type of volcanic material).  We didn't see this at all in the Loire Valley.

This guy was just one of the contemporary pieces of art in our hotel.

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