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France Trip, Day 3 6/18 - Chartres Cathedral!

We had a wonderful breakfast, all homemade: yogurt, granola, applesauce, jams and pastries!
The weather is overcast but the sun is peaking through with perfect temperatures.

We headed out for a walk to the Cathedral, a couple of blocks  away

Doesn't EVERYONE park on the sidewalks?!!

If I knew all my biblical symbols better I would be able to tell you who and what they depict.

About every bit of the cathedral is covered in symbols that tell stories.
The Cathedral is under restoration and has been and will be forever....there is so much to cover!  When my husband and I visited in 1989 they were really working on cleaning the stained glass windows.....they still have some to do.

Sorry about the blurred photo, but the 2 bottom windows are examples of windows that haven't been cleaned yet.  All the windows were dark like that before being cleaned
These windows have been cleaned and they are so beautiful!

They have been working on cleaning the inside of all the dirt and candle soot of all the centuries and seem to be about 3/4 done.  During the cleaning they have found that the walls, ceilings and statues, inside and out, were originally painted.  It must have been quite a sight!  In 1989, it was soooo dark inside, and rather dreary.  But, after much controversy. it was decided that after the walls and ceilings were cleaned they would paint to match the original color, which is much like the color of the stone.  It has lightened the Cathedral up so much and is very beautiful.

The famous labyrinth in the Cathedral is still covered to protect it while the work is being done in that area.  I read some months ago it will be uncovered this August.  Many people come to just see the labyrinth.
What is Jen confessing?

Detail story telling in sculpture and glass.

     The altar statue showing Mary's acention into heaven is huge. It shows just how tall the Cathedral is. 
The ceiling restored and painted.  The color isn't pinkish in person.  These stained glass windows have also been cleaned.

This shows the left side has been cleaned, the right side not cleaned. It looks like the right side is in shadow but it is not.

Even the architecture is sculpture!

Everything has been around so long it has layers on layers in places.  This is in the courtyard.

Our next stop is "La Maison Picassiette" or "The Plate Stealer's House"....

Our itinerary from home:

June 18 ~ Saturday ~ Day 3~ Chartres to Nazelles

Morning~ Have Breakfast in our room in Chartres.

10:00ish ~ Pack car and leave on foot to explore Chartres (walk about 5 min)

11:00ish ~ walk to bakery to get some bread and a little snack. Map 3a

11:30ish ~ Walk to back to car and drive to store Map 3b
Think picnic, dinner and lunch type food and water for next few days.  It will be a while before we can put it in the fridge.

 2:30ish leave for La Maison Picassiette
20 Rue du Repos, 28000, Chartres, France
(Plate Stealer House) (1.1 mileish depending on which market we come from) Map 3c, 3d1
cool place made complete out of mosaic 1930-1964 Right through WW2

1:30ish ~ Leave for Freteval Ruins map 3e, 3f

3:00ish Leave for Chateau Nazelles 
Map 3g, 3h  Check in time is 5-8.
16 rue tue-la-soif
F-37530 Nazelles
Tel : +
Hello Jennette,
With great pleasure i book the pavillon Lucas for the 2 nights of June 18th and 19th and confirm it firmly on my side.
Kind regards
VĂ©ronique Fructus

Dinner Reservation- at LA PAUSE DU TEMPS, 80 Rue Nationale, Ambrose (9 min away but have to look for parking.)

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