Tuesday, July 12, 2016

France Trip Day 9 - 6/24 - Dinan! A whole day to explore!

Lets go explore!
We have a whole day to explore Dinan.  First, we walked across the street to Saint Saviour Basilica. 
Quite romanesque with gothic added.

We are going down to the river for lunch by the way of the main road.

Notice those aren't nails, but wooden pegs!

We go through an ancient gate in the city wall.

From the outside of the city wall.

The streets are all cobbled.

This was the mayor's house from a long time ago.

This street just keeps going down....it should be fun going back up!

Finally we reach the river.  Notice the Autoduct behind and the boat garage.

We ate our picnic lunch on that bench in the little park.  Then we walked along the waterfront, did a bit of shopping.

This area must not have all those cliffs with limestone blocks to make houses with.  The houses here are made with stone and stucco or are half-timbered.

It looks a lot more difficult to add windows than in the limestone block construction.
Let's go walk the City Wall!

A City Wall was the first line of defense, very important to cities like Dinan.  It wasn't just for show, it was actually put in use many times.

This was a serious project!

It is a great place to see the wonderful family gardens in back yards

Once we came off the wall, we walked back to our "home" by way of the back of St. Saviour's Basilica.

On the side of the basilica you can see where a later improvement meshed with an older section.
We had found this little jewel on the way home!!!  Cathy and I found a real favorite.  It is pronounced like "Queen Aman".....yum, yum.  Little did we know we were leaving the "Queen Aman" territory, otherwise we would have stocked up!!  Jenny was very good and didn't partake.
Ah, we are "home"!  Our window is just up there by the lantern.  We do have to face those stairs again though.  Remember we have been doing a week of climbing stairs at castles, up and down hilly roads, and up and down city walls. Time to take a break.  We found out Britain vote to leave the European Union.  The euro is now down to .90.  It was 1.18 when we left.  Not good for small towns like Dinan.   

Since Cathy and I enjoyed the "Queen Aman" we weren't hungry so just Jen when out for Indian food.  

After Jen came back we went out for another walk and shopping.  Cathy bought a cup and Jen bought a little snail.  We walked the streets for more window shopping.  

We chose a restaurant for dinner , La Fountaine de Jerzeal.  We headed out,  downhill, of course!  But there are such beautiful architectural sites to see along the way!

This is a clock tower.  

Checking email while waiting for our meal. La Fountaine du Jerzeal has very good food!

We had to go back and pack up to move on tomorrow.  We do love Dinan.

Our Itinerary for today

June 24 ~Friday ~ Day 9- Dinan
Day of Rest!

Possible things to do:
Grocery Shop? For today and tomorrow & Bayeux?

Pick up sandwiches for tomorrows travel day.  
La Mie Caline 22 place Marchix Sandwiches for Travel day to St. Michel

Walk around Dinan

See the ruins Chateau de la Hunaudaye

See the Megalith, Roche Longue de Guitté

Read a book:

Restaurant ideas while in Dinan:


 33 grande rue 

 "looks simple and light meal - quiche and salad - or coffee and pastry"

 La Fleur de Sel FrenchMediterranean 7 Rue Sainte-Claire  - Give a weeks advance reservation with Veg request 
 Le Zag ItalianVegetarianLoungesPizza  12-2:30 7-10:30 Beautiful terrace seating on the river
 Le New Delhi  - Indian  3 rue de l'Horloge 12-2 6-9  Manager speaks French, so may be helpful to have key vegan French phrases with you. Side dishes can be requested in main size portions, and vegetarian and vegan versions of the main sauce dishes can be requested. Uses only fresh ingredients, spices and herbs and all food made-in-house. Has outdoor seating.
 Chez Bongrain FrenchFondue 9 Rue du Quai,  Omletes and salads burger and fries, 12-2:30 7-9:30 Stone and Wood cute outdoor seating with view of river.  Email : contact@chez-bongrain.com
Cappriccio - italian - 5 rue Chaux
La Tomate - Italian -  4 rue de l'école

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