Thursday, July 7, 2016

France Trip Day 6 - 6/21 Summer Solstice at Chateau des Arpentis, Chateau Amboise

This is the type of boat they have used on the Loire River for centuries.  The Loire is so shallow they have to have flat bottom boats.  These boats were used to bring supplies to all the chateaus and t

We relaxed till afternoon, then went off to see the Chateau Amboise.  We were lucky to find a close parking space!

Amboise Chateau, Amboise, France
The "A" stands for Ann, an original lady of the chateau
The rope was a symbol of Francis I.
We really enjoyed Amboise.  There was a lot to see and learn.  There was lots of humor in this chateau.  Actual the gargoyles we have see from Chartres on have been very humorous.  but so far Amboise had the best!

There were a whole series of these all over inside.

The cute chateau chapel
Carvings on the front of the chapel.

We loved Chateau Amboise.  It was a fort and a home, much different than Chambord.
Then we walked a bit of "Old Town".

Cathy bought chocolates and they were really good!  We also bought ice cream cones which were scooped to look like roses.  We then went to the post office so Cathy could exchange US for Euros.  She is really pushing her bravery!

We went back "home" and watched the OJ trial, read and went for a walk.

Jen went for a swim in the late afternoon.  I am really enjoying watching our horses!

We went for a walk again at 9:30 PM.  It is still bright outside at 11PM and will be light at 4:30 AM.

Our Itinerary for Day 6

June 21~ Day 6 ~ Tuesday ~ Relax

Things we can do:
Grocery shopping??????
Just kick back and relax and do nothing
Rent a Canoe and go down the Loire
Visit Bigot Chocolate Factory
Wine Tasting
Cheese tasting
Fête de la Musique

Dinner at Arpentis kitchen

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