Saturday, May 25, 2013

A little peek inside

Yesterday I was at Ardenwood helping with school tours inside the Patterson House.   We have several docents throughout the house and we go non-stop, taking classes through our rooms, giving them a bit of information and passing them on to the next docent.  These were the last school tours till fall since school is just about out.

I was posted at the bedrooms upstairs and I had just a few minutes to take some pictures before the first class came up.  I though you might be interested in seeing them.

The guest bedroom:
The trunk in the foreground has button-up shoes, corset, bustle, etc for demonstrations.
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The Master Bedroom:

The Staircase:
The staircase from above.
That's it for a peek.  Sorry about the grainy quality. 

After I got home, a package arrived on the porch!  Christmas!

I had pre-ordered a pair of shoes from American Duchess and they just got them in.  They are Titanic period.
Hat #2 update (Gibson Girl pattern)

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