Saturday, May 11, 2013

Graduation Day #1

Today will be travel and graduation day. We have two grandchildren graduating this month. A granddaughter will be graduating today from Sonoma State University and a grandson will be graduating from Moreau High in 2 weeks. He went to his Senior Ball last night and I can't wait to see pictures!

 Last night my dear sister called. Her and her husband are getting their beautiful home ready to sell. She needs a lot of sunlight in the winter and so they are moving to Arizona. It is quite a sacrifice to give up such a beautiful place to live, although I am sure they will find it wonderful in Arizona too. They have some many friends up there they will be able to go back and visit anytime.

 I am going to have to post a few pictures of their place in Port Townsend, Washington to show you what I am talking about.

 Port Townsend is right on the inside of Puget Sound, and is an old fishing/military town. It is full of Victorian houses and has an "Old Town" along the waterfront - A real tourist attraction. Rather small and intimate being on the west side of the Sound but Seattle is just a ferry ride away. There are lovely walking trails and tons of events to do up there, I will miss not having an excuse to go up there.

Flowers bloom just anywhere!
One of the "Big Ships" coming in for the Boat Festival
Overlooking the Lighthouse

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