Thursday, May 2, 2013

Weight Watchers!

I like to keep this blog really light, but......... I have been fighting the up/down syndrome for over 6 months now.  I have shook it up the last couple weeks and today I better see more than a .2 loss!  Details at 1 PM news!

Well, finally!  3.4 lb loss.  My usual is .2 and then I got on the up/down merry-go-round since last August, so frustrating.  But I do have to pat myself on the back for not quitting.  Talk about patience, when I actually looked it up and saw how long it had been....well, I really had hung in there.

 I had been tracking really well and had really up'ed my activity and still not sticking those minus numbers.  Last week it dawned on me that maybe my particular body needs less than the 26 points per day, maybe I was on maintenance for my body.  So I lowered my points to 24 per day for every day last week except last night (28 points) and drank 8 cups of water a day, walked and did my exercise class, and tracked what I ate.......and lost 3.4 lbs ...finally!!!  Rejoice with me!!

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