Friday, May 3, 2013

I have arrived!

I'm off to stay with the grand-animals today.

And I have arrived!

Grand-doggies are waiting!

This is Otis, I call him Otie.

Otis is a big lug of a honey.  He just loves all kinds of attention and is my watchdog.  He is so loyal he is always with me when I take care of him.  He will chew up anyone he thinks needs chewing......just kidding, but he certainly will bark if he thinks there is someone is trespassing within his detection distance.  Otis loves water and has been known to wallow in mud puddles.  Otis is an adopted doggy and a real sweetie. 

And this is Isis.

Isis is very timid, loves loving but only by certain people.  She came from Taiwan as a rescued dog.  She had had an injured foot that had set very badly and made her limp.  When she found her forever home, Jen and Robert had her operated on and now you would never know she had had a problem.  Her early life left her with many fears so she is very cautious and takes a while to give you her friendship.  When you have it you feel very special.  She love to run the hills! 

And then there is B.B.  BB is a rescued cat.  She has only 3 legs, lost one as a youngster before she was adopted.  She used to be so fiesty when she was young.  For only having 3 legs she could certainly give it to any of the other animals, including people.  I still have a touch of fear with her, even though she is not like that any more.  She is old and age has brought on sweetness.  She sleeps on the Master Bed, on any heads around, but has to be lifted off and on now.  She still like to play and purrs up a storm.  Needless to say though, the dogs leave her alone! 

 Jen and Robert have great yards.  This is part of their pond in the back yard.  I love the water lilies.
 And of course, the fish!
 Jen has all kinds of little treasures, like these sunflowers and toadstools.
 I had thought Jen and Robert would be gone for 10 days but turns out only 6!  I sure brought a lot of projects with me so I had better get started.  I'll share more of Jen's yard tomorrow!

We need to do lunch, then I'm taking out the 1903 pattern and try to figure out how I am going to take it up a few sizes...from a size 24 inch waist.

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