Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ardenwood: Free on Memorial Day!

I thought I would give you a heads up for Monday, Memorial Day!  It's a FREE day at Ardenwood!  This is rare, so enjoy!

The park is free and the Patterson House will be open to flow-through tours.  Flow-through tours allow the public to visit the house at their own pace with docents in most rooms.  Come say hello!
Bring a picnic lunch and a blanket to spread out on the lawn.  There are picnic tables in the farm yard also (no bar-b-ques though because of fire danger).

Bring cameras because there are tons of opportunities for photo-ops!  You will be entering the park at our train station.  I'm not sure how many trains will be running or just which ones but they are all great rides.  Our horses pull the railroad cars to re-enact the train service available a hundred years ago between Fremont and Newark.  On special occasions we have guest trains come and join us.  The trains will take you to the north side of the park, Deer Park.  And you can come back on the train or walk around from there.

The monarch butterflies have migrated on by now, but in the winter they will come back to the eucalyptus trees near Deer Park.   It is quite a site to see when they are all gathered there.

If you head back toward the house you will go by greenhouse and cutting gardens.  These gardens supply many of the floral arrangement in the house.  Going further you will see the pool area.  The deck now covers the first pool in the area.  It was fed by an underground spring.

The house is close now and you can see the Victorian details in the architecture of the Queen Anne Victorian.  The front door is on the side of the turret.  Enjoy the house and there will be a lot more excitement left to see....

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