Monday, May 27, 2013

Thoughts on Graduation

Yesterday we enjoyed Julian's graduation.  Moreau Catholic High School always has their graduations at the Paramount Theater in Oakland.  The Paramount is Art Deco theater built in 1931.  Every inch is beautifully decorated, lots of gold and silver, and is quite impressive.  It lends itself perfectly to pomp and circumstance affairs.  We have attended our children's graduation there through the years and are now adding the grandchildren's!  We have also attended our Son-in-law's citizenship ceremony there also!  Anyhow the Paramount is a very beautiful special place.

The class of 2013 was a small class, 251 graduates.  The class was very close and respects each other.  It was a real joy to watch these young people go to the next step in their lives.  We have attended lots of graduations in lots of forums, but I must say, the Moreau Graduations are the best.  And this year's was the best of the best!

One fashion note though:  Lots of the gals were wearing the latest fashion of shoes, of course.  You know the ones, stiletto heels as high as the sky.  Because they are walking on their tiptoes they cannot bend their knees and they have to lock their knees or they will fall forward.  They don't look very feminine walking that way.  And then there were the high platform shoes that make them have to pick up their feet totally before they can put them down...since the shoes can not bend in the middle.  They look really clunky.  The smart young ladies wore a nice 2 inch heels and could walk with a natural gait.  ....Sorry about that rant, but we were lucky no one fell off their shoes!

Grandkids, Francisca and Julian

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