Monday, May 20, 2013


We are so spoiled here in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.  We have relatives in other parts of the country and let me tell you...We are spoiled with our weather!  Our Iowa/South Dakota relatives had a couple of weeks ago 106 degree weather followed the next week by a blizzard, then yesterday there were tornado warnings!  And relatives in Joplin, Missouri are sweating out tornado warnings.  They were hit hard last year.  When we were on our cross country trip last year we experienced some of the east coast heavy rain storms....nothing like the rather whimpy rain storms in California!  And then there was the dust storm in New Mexico.  Hurricanes and tornados are scary things and I am glad I don't have to fear them.  Earthquakes happen here but are few and far between and rarely damaging.

Well, We are thinking of all of you in these dangerous weather locations.  Stay safe!

Meanwhile, it will be in the 70s here today.  I was out weeding and spraying the brick walkways this morning.  I went out and bought some sprinkler head repairs and some short hoses to hook up the soaker hoses.

Hat Update:Yesterday I worked a bit on the hats.  Yes, hats - plural!  I have two hats going at the same time.  The first one is the one the "" online class is using for the class.  It is an 1880 hat frame but can be suitable for up to 1890s.

The second one is a 1895 hat.  This hat can be suitable for the early 1900s.  I am doing View B, the one on the bottom left.  I will be tweaking it though with height but I did want to try that curved brim on View B.

 This is where I am at at this point.  I put stickers on the buckram pieces to keep track of which hat I am working on.
I am really looking forward to learning treatments with feathers.  I have a bunch of short feathers but there is supposed to be a way to put them together to make them full and longer.

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