Friday, May 17, 2013

Hat Class has started!

Hat Class has started and I am so glad I was a week off in my start date because this week has been totally filled!  This is the first on-line class I've taken so that part of it should be interesting.  Class started yesterday and we have a period of time that the class will be available after the class start date.  That is going to help me out since we are in wedding/graduation time.  And I have tons of other stuff to catch up on since I was gone a week.

I managed to cut out my buckram tonight so tomorrow I will be cutting the fabric, lining and flannel (for padding).  It doesn't take long considering there are 3 or 4 pieces for a hat compared to the many for a dress or blouse.

Today I stopped by to visit Aunt Edna and this time she was awake and perky!  The last 3 times I manage to time it when she is sleeping.  She is looking well and her sore foot is completely healed.  The house now has 6 residents, a full house.  They all seem to happy gals, though a couple of them sleep most of the time.  But it has brought a vibrancy to the house.  They were playing a new karaoke game and playing music and they had one gal up and dancing!  Aunt Edna was loving watching the dancing!  She used to dance so much.  She danced at the USOs in World War II!

I am gong to weed a bit in the garden, then start serious work on the hat!  Musicbox weekend is at Ardenwood and I will be there on Saturday!

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