Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jen's Gaudy Garden

Just so you know, Jen lives with hot summers, late afternoon winds, clay soil and water restrictions.  The heat in the spring dries the clay soil to cement!  So the only time she can dig in the garden is in winter and spring before the heat.  She tries to be very careful with water use so her garden is mostly of native or plants not requiring much water.  To heck with lawn!  She got rid of that a few years ago! 

And there are lots of little surprises in all her gardens.

A little walk through Jen's Gaudy Garden today:

I love her pots!

I recognize these little guys!  They are from Annies Annuals and are brothers and sisters of the ones I planted.

Is that just not the cutest!  And, do you have a gargoyle in your garden??


  1. Love the pics! Thanks for watching the kiids

  2. Well, I love the gardens! And the kids! They are being very good, Otie is protecting me at all times!