Friday, September 19, 2014

A Woman is like a Tea Bag.........

A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until she's in hot water.
            A quote by Eleanor Roosevelt

When I was about to go into Jr. High, I remember thinking Eleanor Roosevelt was the ugliest woman I ever saw.  Even at the time I didn't like myself for thinking such a thing about a person, but I really thought about it and felt it was true.

At that time Eleanor Roosevelt had a radio show on what I think now is KGO (SF).  I remember listening to it in the summer afternoons.  She had such a different, strange voice.  It was like we were on her sun porch with her and she would talk about all sorts of things.  I was rather taken with her before I knew it.  And, my first impression of her looks faded as she became an acquaintance and friend.

As time went on, I went my way and somewhere along the line her show left the air.  Every so often she would be in the news and somehow she became more and more actually beautiful to me.  Later, she was our ambassador to the United Nations and I became so proud of her.  What a great role model for women!

We have been TIVOing the Roosevelt series this week on TV.  And, I am getting to the tail end of Hillary Clinton's book "Hard Choices" so when Hillary quoted Eleanor it especially hit me.

We are a day or so behind on the series because we have been so busy this week.  The program covers Teddy Roosevelt and FDR, and of course Eleanor also, especially her I would imagine one FDR passed away (which is as far as we have gotten).  My impression of Teddy was really changed.  I really didn't know that much about him  (I have Doris Kearns Goodwin's "The Bully Pulpit" on my kindle but haven't started it yet).  He seems to be so much more complicated than I always thought.  His need to prove himself so often,  kind of puts me off from even wanting to read about him.....but I will even if I have to struggle through it.

I have read quite a bit on FDR, his times were so interesting and his forethought so in tune with his time and even now.  Though I always have a hard time with these men that are on such power trips that they hurt the women in their lives so much.  I'd just like to slap them along side their heads.  I wonder if when it is so common for women to be in such places of power, if they will have the same problems these men put themselves in.

Anyhow I always look forward to hearing the story of Eleanor Roosevelt.  She was hurt so much during her lifetime but kept going forward and became such a beautiful person in how she dealt with her life.  She is one of my heroes, can you tell?

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