Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ready for Fitting Day!

  Jen can now come down for all the fittings of her new bustle outfit.

In order of dressing:

The chemise is finished and no fitting needed.

The corset -
Corset Front

The corset needs
1.  The upper and lower lengths determined
2.  The stays put in
3.  The upper and lower edges finished

The Corset Back
The Busk and Channels for the Stays to be Inserted

Corset Cover - Doesn't need a fitting.

The Corset Cover

Corset Cover Detail
Petticoat/ Bustle - the waist needs to be fitted to determine where the button should be.

Petticoat/Bustle front (not tied)
Petticoat/Bustle back (not tied)

Bustle Skirt -

1.  The waist button needs to be determined where it goes.
2.  The skirt length needs to be determined.
3 .  Hem needs to be put in.

Since Dolly is set for my height and Jen is taller there won't be as much to hem as the picture shows.

The Bodice -

Using the mockup, the whole general fit will have to be checked.  My dress form, Dolly, can only do so much, unfortunately!

The (blue) side pieces may have to be added to near it's center seams.
The neckline will have to be checked.
The vest (print) needs to be checked for the center seam.

The bottom length needs to be determined.

I will then be using this mock-up to cut out the "real" bodice.  I may use the mock-up as the lining if there are not too drastic changes.

At the appointment Monday, allergy testing was discussed.  Allergy testing will be done next week.
The MRI will be done tomorrow.  Bless all those working in this field to find help for all the children affected by PANDAS/PANS.

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