Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Corset Down, Bodice to Go -And a Ben Update

The corset is finished so now to start the bodice to Jen's bustle dress.
I added the bones seamed the top and bottom and added lace decoration.

And before we left for Pacific Grove, I decided to start the bodice.
Of course, I had to clean up again to get enough workspace!

 After tracing the pattern for Jen's bodice, I cut the pieces out, both the fabric and the interlining.

And the interlining was basted to the fabric for stability.

Then the pieces were all sewn together and I started on the boning.  And this is where I am starting today.

I should use spiral boning for the curved side backs, but I don't have any so will probably be ordering boning today.

I have a possible surprise project coming up, working out the detail and research, then will let you know!


Allergy testing last week showed Ben has absolutely NO allergies to anything they tested for.  All our kids were tested when they were little and never have I seen a back with NO red splotches after testing before Ben's.  Well, one more thing off the list!

Yesterday he was to be getting his "watch" for doing the home sleep studies.

Thursday, off to meet with Dr. F to go over all that has been done so far.

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