Thursday, September 25, 2014

Busy Day and a BEN UPDATE

Today was a busy today but I got lots of things done.

 It started off by actually RAINING at about 4 am!!  It was raining pretty lightly but it was real rain!  Our cat didn't know what to do about that strange sounds of raindrops.  She just stood in the hall and stared at the window rather cautious.  It has been a long time since she has heard or seen rain.  The last time was more like mist.  I must say, it put everyone in a good mood this morning.  We got all of about .35"!  Hope it helped the fires up north.

This evening I put in the hem for Jen's Blue Bustle skirt.

Oh, I do have a ..

So far Cathy has been to 18 doctor appointments this month!  Ben is taking it with grace though.  This time it was the Neurologist that he saw back in 2009 and 2010.  At that time PANDAS/PANS was so newly "discovered" that she heard of it but didn't know that much about it.  She couldn't really give a diagnosis because it "wasn't in the book".  Now she seems quite versed in it.

In comparison between copious notes when she saw Ben last and now, she was shocked how much worse it is now.  She says she is sure it is PANDAS, something we've know for these many years.  She will be writing a letter to his Stanford Study doctor saying how much she recommends the IVIG treatments for him.  She will be helping in any way she can to have the insurance pay for the treatment...($17,000 without insurance).  She really thinks these treatments will help Ben.  I hope so!

Then, tomorrow, Ben goes in for allergy tests.

Cathy was able to get a kit for checking if he has a strep infection.  It will come in handy this winter.  Timmy comes down with lots of nose type things in the winter, too.

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  1. Weird that the doctor was shocked at how much worse he was. It has been 4 years since she saw him and he had PANDAS back then - of course it is worse.