Monday, September 1, 2014

Mourning Dress - One Little Step to Go

Today was another wonderful day at Ardenwood's Railroad Faire!  Tiring but great!  

After another busy day, I came home and put the buttonhole and button on the skirt.  So now the last step is to wait until the last of the buttons arrive and put them on.

I did mention the other day that I had changed my mind about adding any more fluff to the skirt, right?  Instead, I added some black lace to the cuffs.

Last night I was reading about funeral jewelry.  There are all sorts of interesting information on mourning jewelry of all kinds.  A lot of them have woven hair of the deceased.  Some of the brooches are really pretty and I can accept hair art but to actually wear it sort of creeps me out....which annoys me.  I think if it was from someone I knew I would have no problem but a stranger's hair????  No, thank you.

A lot of the jewelry was made of jet which is sort of petrified burnt wood or wood preservcd in a bog.  There was so much demand for it in Victorian times they substituted what they called French Jet.  It was actually black glass and was acceptable even though it was a bit shiny.

And then, I remembered a few days ago I had found this necklace that I have no idea where I got hanging with my other necklaces.  Bingo!

It is old French Jet.  I think I got it when I picked up some other Victorian era beading pieces years ago.  Well, now I have some jewelry to wear with my Mourning Dress.

Tomorrow morning, I plan to wash the blue fabric for Jen's bustle dress.

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