Monday, September 8, 2014

Ben Update: Sleep Study Outcome

If you have been following this blog you will remember that one of our grandson's has PANDAS/PANS.  This is a disease that doctors have recently been able to diagnose.  The exact cause is not totally clear but in lots of children it seems to have a connection with the strep virus.  You can google it for more information.

Ben has been in a study at Stanford's Childrens Hospital.
So far he has been on a dose a day of antibiotics.  This was to avoid him getting sick since his immune system is so on edge.  The outcome is that he has been doing especially well since he started.
Wednesday, we will hear the outcomes of the sleep studies.

Note:  I was wrong, Wednesday will be a discussion re: allergy testing.  Next week will be the sleep study in which Ben and his mom will be spending the night at the sleep study building.  Next week there will also be a discussion on genetic testing.

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