Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jen's Bustle Dress - Part 2

Since I had the fabric cut out and ready to be sewn, this morning putting it all together went quickly.

I did tailor tacking first though.  I had to know where the buttons go for the poufs that make up the bustle and where the pleats went on the bustle sides.

The netting goes over the bustle area.  It is optional but since the fabric is fairly heavy I decided to add it.

At this point I noticed this fabric really needs to have its raw edges overcast because it really wants to fray easily.

I chose stitch 17 on my machine.

And finished all the seams with it.  So it looked like this:

I put together all the seams and netting on the back.  Then I added the 3 tapes to the waistline that hold up the bustle.  I put buttonholes in the tapes for bustle buttons.   I also added the tape ties on the sides to pull in (or "train") the back of the skirt.

Then by the late afternoon I could take these pictures.
side view

back view
So, I have the button and buttonhole on the waist to do.  And the hem, I will wait until we do a fitting when Jen comes down.

So, next project coming up soon, but I am going to take a few days off from sewing.

This afternoon he had his braces taken off.  This is so he can have an MRI.


  1. Love!
    I bet Ben feels so much better without those braces on.

  2. He actually had to go into the dentist to finish the removal this morning. Luke was rather concerned about it yesterday. He said it was a lot of jerking and kind of rough getting them off.