Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Project! - Jen's Bustle Dress -Part 1

Before we go on to the new project, I wanted to show you a new little touch I added to my projects starting last year.  I decided to add tags with info on the costume that I may want to know later on.

On the skirt, I added the fabric information also and care information.

So, on to the next project!  Jen's Bustle Dress.

First I washed the skirt fabric and dried it.

And then ironed it all.

This whole washing thing before you cut and sew was something I used to totally ignore.  But then some skirts shrank a bit more than their lining and I learned that lesson.  I like that sizing stiffness that new fabrics have.  Now I usually use heavy starch to replace it when I iron it.  I did not use starch on this fabric.

This is what I will be making.

The skirt and bodice are the same I just used for the Mourning Dress.

I made the skirt pattern to Jen's measurements.

Tomorrow I hope to get to cutting the fabric.

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