Friday, September 12, 2014

Overskirt & Update on Ben-sleep study

The Overskirt is finished with possible future adjustments at fitting time.

Next step will to make a mockup for the bodice and Jen will come down for fitting!

Update on Ben's sleep study...

So Cathy and Ben had a very rough night trying to settle down to do the sleep study at Standford's Lucille Packard Children Hospital.

Ben had had a rough day and was rather geared up by the time he was all hooked up for the sleep study....perfectly understandable!

Can you imagine trying to sleep with all that stuff hooked up to you...especially if you have sensitivity issues with things touching your skin anyway!

Cathy was so tired and she fell asleep around 11 pm but Ben was awake for a long time.  Cathy was scared out of her mind when someone came in and shook her leg to wake her up.  They said she was keeping Ben awake by snoring, so....she tried to stay awake for the rest of the night so she wouldn't snore.  Ben fell asleep finally after 4 in the morning.

The sleep study was supposed to be over at 6 am but since Ben was sleeping so soundly they decided to let him sleep longer.  Meanwhile Cathy was still trying to stay awake.

The one outcome they know so far:  They told Cathy she needs to do a sleep study!!!

Poor thing, then she had to drive them home.

Next week more medical adventures.

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