Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jen's Bodice Mock-Up and Ben Update

I finally got to the point of actually tracing the bodice pattern.

I had a piece of blue cotton in my stash just large enough for the pieces that need to be blue if I use it for the lining as well as the mock-up.  So now the mock-up pieces are cut out.

I sewed the pieces all together plus added pieces for the "vest" look.

After looking at these pictures I realize I should make sure the patterned fabric should match, one side to the other.  I never  had any lessons on how to exactly do it, so this will be a learning lesson.  Maybe I will check with Youtube for a lesson on it!

In the meantime, I am also thankful I decided to keep this little "Journal".  I need to go back and check how I did the "tail" on this bodice.  When I made it on the Mourning Dress it didn't seem to come out quite the way it did when I made my First Bustle Dress.


Earlier this month Ben had his braces removed so he could have an MRI done.  Tomorrow is the day.  They have a simulator that Ben has used to get used to the MRI machine before the real thing.  I hope this helps him out with all the noise and what goes with an MRI.

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