Monday, September 15, 2014

Clara's Garden Party! And a Ben Update

A great time was had by all!  The weather was absolutely beautiful, a perfectly nice temperature with no wind and a beautiful sunset.  The murder mystery was great, not many figured out the real murderer.  We had a great cast.  And, the dinner was wonderful as usual.

The story was based on a real event, of course, the murder was totally fiction.

This was the last mystery dinner for the year so we were so glad it was so successful.  The dinners have paid for some important projects at the house, like new period wallpaper in the Guest Bedroom.

Now on to other things as we go into fall....  Next events are Harvest Festival type things.  The pumpkin patch will be opening soon.  I have been watching the pumpkins grow.... they have the small pumpkins planted in the fields by the road into the park.  They are the perfect size right now for all the school kids to bring home to their families.  The larger pumpkins are brought in from the Perry farms at other locations.  I saw some of them in holding bins, ready to be brought out for the pumpkin patch.  Some of those guys are huge!

The straw bales for the climbing pyramids were being put into place as I left the farm the other day.  I don't know if they are doing the corn maze this year.  There was a problem a few years ago with some misbehaving teens so the maze may or may not happen each year.  But, the Halloween Train rides are a go.  This is a very popular event, great for even small children, and not real scary.

The Patterson House will be hosting the Candlelight Tours October 17, 18, 25 and 26th.  The theme will be Victorian funeral practices.  This is the event that prompted me to make up the "Victorian Mourning Dress".  I even bought a piece of Victorian Mourning Jewelry for my dress.

There were so many rules regarding death during the Victorian times.  Most of these were created after Queen Victoria lost her beloved husband, Albert.  And, as the Queen went, everyone went.

I haven't started the mock-up bodice for Jen's dress yet.....If you follow my journal/blog, you may have noticed that when I get nervous about a project or a piece of a project I start to procrastinate.  Some times I just need to think about it for awhile, and then other times, I am procrastinating.

Today I am working on 2 petticoats that need to be finished/fixed.  This is to get them out from underfoot and give me more room in my studio/sewing room.

This morning Grandma was bus driver.  Grandma is more used to picking up kids rather than dropping them off.  Anyhow, they got there on time, and at the right place!

Meanwhile, Ben and his mom were off to Stanford Lucille Packard Children Hospital again.  This, again, is part of the study for finding the cause and cure for PANDAS/PANS.  This appointment to to check out allergies.  They are checking everything they could possibly check out.  Can't tell you how much we appreciate someone working on this problem!

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