Monday, September 1, 2014

Off to the Railroad Faire!

I am heading over to Ardenwood for one of the most fun events.  The 3 days of Labor Day weekend the Railroad and 4 year olds, especially boys! swarm the farmyard to watch all the model RRs and climb aboard the big trains for rides.  I know Ann Marie, the cutest little engine, is visiting us again this year!  Admission includes tours of the house, so needless to say, we are very busy.

Mourning Dress Update!

I changed my mind on adding any more frufru on the skirt.  But, I did add some lace on the cuffs.  Pictures later.

The buttons may come as early as tomorrow.  Once I put them on, Fini!!

Since I am waiting for the buttons, I am added my little info tags to the skirt and bodice.  I started this last year and really helps me for further uses of my patterns and care of the fabric.

OH! I just heard Ann Marie toot her horn!!!  And we live over a mile away!!  She is calling me!

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