Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I have been fighting even the thought of getting excited about the prospect of rain....what is that?
Everything has been so dry and all my plants are slowly but surely dying ....and this is supposed to be about my garden room, right?

It really is depressing but it is also important.  I hate to even think of thinking that this drought might go on past this winter.

Anyhow, this is the forecast for tomorrow...

Well, 40% is not going to do it.  Might get some mist on the car, just enough to make dust scape on it a little worse.

I used to get all excited when I would hear the forecasts for a BIG storm coming in (I do like big storms).  I have to quality that right now.  A big storm in the San Francisco Bay Area is NOT a big storm.  We have never experienced a BIG storm.  We are all such wimps here.  On our Slice Trip 2 a couple of years ago, we experienced a piece of a big storm, East Coast style.  Even that wasn't a really BIG storm but it gave us something to compare against.  Our BIG storms are like a Summer Squall of the REAL weather places!

The weather people were saying this was going to be a pretty good soaker a couple days ago.  And like always it is getting smaller and smaller as time goes on.  And, since the chance of rain is only 40%, we will be lucky if we get a sprinkle.  It has to be 60% at least for something to show up...(I am saying this with the hopes that the rain god will just have to prove me wrong!

So, anyhow, do a couple rain dances and pray a couple of prayers that we get some H2O manna from the sky!  Thank you.

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