Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fitting Day! Are you ready?

Working outward!

French Drawers!

French Drawers - Button needs to be added to waistline

Chemise is next. It is completely finished.  Jen is planning on using this for a nightgown.

Next layer is the corset.  I needed to know where the top and bottom seams should be.

Corset - bones added and top and bottom seams.

On top of the corset is the corset cover.

The corset cover is completed.

 Now the bustle petticoat goes on.

Bustle petticoat - button at waistline needs to be added

Now, the skirt...

Skirt - Hem and button added at waistline

Overskirt goes on next.

Overskirt - Needs button at the waistline.

Now we are getting to the nitty-gritty.  The Bodice.  I made the mock-up of the bodice with scrap material from my stash and may use it as the lining.  I didn't have enough for the sleeves out of the same material so the light blue may look strange...but it is just a mock-up.

 The bodice fit perfectly!  So now to make the real one.  I may take the sleeves in just a tiny.

Bodice - Cut out and sew up, get buttons, boning and figure out how to match the pattern, if possible, for the vest.

And the hat, we forgot to take pictures with the hat.

Hat - decorate, add insides.

Then, Jen had to learn how to sit properly. Which she did very well.  No plopping in THAT dress!
You have to think before you sit.

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